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Originally developed by Michal Suski and Tomasz Niezgoda to be used in-house, within their own SEO agency, SurferSEO is now being used by over 10,000, users and is getting more and more popular as time goes on. We have personally been using Surfer SEO within our agency for around 6 months.
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No product info added yet. Surfer seo Pricing. How does Surfer seo pricing work? Surfer seo is a freemium product. Learn more about Surfer seo pricing. What Companies Are Using Surfer seo? List of customers using Surfer seo.: Customer Type Description.
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Lastly, this tool will show you common backlinks used by your competitors. This tool makes it way easier to compare your page and make quick adjustments to optimize your page. Get a 7-day SurferSEO trial for $1 dollar. The content editor will the bread and butter of Surfer SEO if youre a writer. This feature looks at high ranking pages covering the same topic and creates a list of SEO writing guidelines. Lets look at an example.
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Surfer SEO vs Page Optimiser Pro vs Cora. Surfer has amazing features. Its a data-driven content optimisation tool. That makes optimising existing content and creating new optimised content. But there are other on-page SEO tools on the market as well. Ive briefly mentioned Cora above. Theres also Page optimiser Pro as well. Below, Ive put together a table that summarises Surfer SEOs offer in comparison to Page optimiser Pro and Cora. Surfer SEO Page optimiser Pro Cora. Data-Driven Content optimisation Tool. of On-Site Ranking Factors. Analyzes a large number of metrics. High-Quality Keyword Analysis. Active Social Community. $250 per month. While Surfer has many advantages, Page optimiser Pro and Cora win out on a few different aspects. For a budget-friendly option, try Page optimiser Pro and if you have the time and budget to dive deep into on-page analysis, trial Cora. But if you prefer an easy and cost-effective way to improve content quickly, reach for Surfer SEO. Surfer SEO Review Conclusion. Surfer SEO is ideal for anyone looking for a data driven analysis tool with an user-friendly interface and an affordable price starting from only $29 per month.
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And this extends to more than just word count. Surfer also looks at what kinds of pages rank best e.g. quick answers, what kind of media they contain e.g. graphics, lists, etc, what topics they cover, and what words and phrases are most commonly used. BONUS: Watch Surfer in action on the free SEO Webinar. Surfer wasnt the first correlational SEO tool to hit the market. Cora and Page Optimizer Pro came earlier and are both exceptional tools as well.
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What is a good score in Surfer SEO? It all depends on your competitors. If their content is ranked lower than 50, then going above that could be enough for you to appear higher-up in the SERP. However, if your competitors have a score of 70 or higher, you should try your best to beat it by using the correct number of keywords and adjusting the structure of your content to have a chance to take on even the big players. Remember that the content score is an internal feature of Surfer and while it correlates with ranking, its not something that Google respects. Dont stuff the content with too many keywords as it will come across as unnatural. Write for humans, not for Google. SurferSEO Content score. NLP Natural Language Processing analysis. Surfer is connected with Google and IBM Watson NLP APIs.
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Using our keyword groups feature you can quickly find ideas for new articles and sections to support your key content. Sign Up Free. SurferSEO Pricing vs SEO Scout. SEO Scout SurferSEO Price per month From $29. Reports Per Month 30 at $99/mo.
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Here are the best places to get hold of SurferSEO.: If you are not yet signed up to Surfer SEO, give it a try with the 7-day trial offer they have. TRY A 7-DAY TRIAL HERE. All SEO Tools. Here is the full list of SEO Tools we have reviewed.: Best Browser Push Notifications. Best CTR SEO Tools. Best Off Page SEO Tools. Best On Page SEO Tools. The SEO tools reviews were updated in August 2022. Financial Legal Disclaimer. ALL content displayed on is for information purposes only.Nothing constitutes professional or financial advice, nor does any information on the Site constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto. Copyright 2022 Best Companies.
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We already use a bunch of SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs etc, but with Surfer focusing purely on 'on-page' optimisation, I think this will be a great tool to add to our arsenal. Love the way you can select the competitors to analyse too! Great product review as always Brian!

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